Hi. We were Mekajiki.

    We used to sell RenderGarden and Boardfish.
    If you’d still like to use our tools you can download them
    free of charge without support from the links below.


    • RenderGarden

      Not quite a farm. Just a little garden.

      Simplified distributed and Hyper-threaded Rendering for Adobe After Effects.

    • Boardfish

      Your boards, your way.

      A stand-alone page layout application specifically designed for boards. Efficiently assemble storyboards, moodboards, user experience (UX) flows, or any other similar grid layout.

    • UnMult

      Quickly extract alpha channels from luminance with this Adobe After Effects plug- in. Extract light effects such as flares or fire from black backgrounds, or generate alphas for your CG occlusion.

    • ScriptBrowser

      After Effects panel for browsing and launching other scripts.

    • DeadEnd

      Mac OSX Command-line tool to force-quit Adobe After Effects and automatically increment and save your project.

    • AEpesticide

      Mac OSX Command-line tool to kill all stuck AERendercore processes which may be hogging memory.